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Wendea Ringer MDiv. CEO, CPC, PLC

"You Are Not Alone"

I am the CEO and founder of Inspired Creations & Coaching Just 4U . 

 My formal education and training consists of: 

  •  Bachelors and Masters degrees in Counseling, Theology, and Chaplaincy  ( Magna Cum Lada)
  •  Bachelors of Business Administration and Management
  •  Doctoral Studies
  •  Professional and Life Coaching Certifications
  •  Victim Advocate Training and Certifications.
  •  Business Management education and 20 years in corporate America as a business manager
  •  I also offer compassion, confidentiality, integrity, and empathy. 

I will help you achieve your goals in life. We will accomplish this by setting attainable goals, discovering or rediscovering your purpose in life, and helping you heal from past or present hurts and disappointments. 

Together we can work towards you being the inspired creation you and/or your team were designed to be. The vision you once had, or will discover, will be reached though dedication, motivation, and fortitude. You moving forward in life begins with you being willing to cross the bridge to your destiny or climbing the mountain to your next level of success and happiness.  I am willing to coach and train you through the obstacles, the pain, the burdens of life that have kept you from reaching greatness . Make the decision to get to a safe place where you are healed and restored begins today and it begins with you.